Oh, Brother!

1960s British tv sitcom

Oh, Brother! tv sitcom 1970
Oh, Brother! tv sitcom 1970

Brother Dominic is a kind and well-meaning man, who just keeps having the accidents. The monastery he belongs to had to create a special fund to cover the expenses of fixing all the thing that get broken.


Oh, Brother! comedy series4.4

Series creators

David ClimieAustin Steele


1968 - 1970


United Kingdom


30 minutes per episode



Series tags


Oh, Brother! trivia

Surviving episodes

Just like many other comedy series of the era Oh, Brother! was also a victim of wiping the tapes by BBC and today only 8 out of 19 episodes are available.

Seasons of Oh, Brother!

1968 Series 1
1969 Series 2
1970 Series 3

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 Oh, Brother!

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