The Wackers

1970s British tv sitcom

The Wackers tv sitcom 1975
The Wackers tv sitcom 1975
The Wackers tv sitcom 1975

The Clarksons is typical Liverpool family - they live in small house of red bricks, where there isn’t much space for anyone. Billy Clarkson, father and husband, just returns after 2 years spent on a merchant ship... Well, almost - he spent last 2 years in prison.


The Wackers comedy series4.0

Series creators

Vince Powell


1975 - 1975


United Kingdom


24 minutes per episode



Series tags

working classprison

The Wackers trivia

Seventh episode

During premiere run The Wackers had such poor ratings and was criticized for strong language that ITV decided not to broadcast the last, seventh, episode of Series 1.

Seasons of The Wackers

1975 Series 1

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 The Wackers

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