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Zed McGlunk character in comedy series - movie, radio and tv comedy series

Comedy series with Zed McGlunk character

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Zed McGlunk

Started as criminal (head of the street gang), but later joined the police academy.

Police Academymovie comedy series Police Academy

played by Bobcat Goldthwait


7.2 / 10

The misadventures of new cadets in Police Academy.

Similiar characters

Ludovic Cruchot
The Gendarme of St. Tropez


Sergeant in seaside resort of Saint-Tropez.

Stewie Griffin
Family Guy


Griffinsí one year old child who behaves like an adult.

Jackie Harris


Roseanne's sister.

Malcolm in the Middle


Malcolm's mother - the real head of the family.

Frank Constanza


Georgeís father.

Sergeant Flagg
Growing Pains of PC Penrose


Veteran policeman that has to show the ropes to PC Penrose.

Officer Barbrady
South Park


South Park rather inapt police officer.

Police Academy


Captain Mauser took over from Harris the part of bad guy in the academy - always plotting against Mahoney and rest of the cadets.

Thaddeus Harris
Police Academy


The black character behind the academy - always tries to takeover the position of Lassard.

Zdzislaw Kolek
4 Alternative Street


Doctor who due to miastake is forced to share his flat with Kotek family.

Margaret Houlihan


Head nurse in 4077 and Frank Burns' not-so-secret lover. Together with Burns they try hard to force Pierce to follow the army rules.

George Costanza


Jerry's friend.

Old Christine Campbell
New Adventures of Old Christine


Divorced mother and owner of a fitness club for women.

PC Wilson
You Rang, MíLord?


Police officer that keeps coming to Meldrum house for good meals.

Bishop Cuthbert Hever
All Gas and Gaiters


Despite being the bishop he is very reasonable and understanding man when it comes to religion. He just canít stand deanís approach to many aspects of life.

Marie Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond


Overprotecting mother of Ray and Robert.

Debra Barone
Everybody Loves Raymond


Rayís wife that tries to run the house and cope with his mother.

Rochelle Rock
Everybody Hates Chris


Chrisí loud-mouthed mother.

According to Jim


Head of the family, Jim runs his construction company together with Andy. He does some really stupid things and hopes his wife wonít find out about it.

Sybil Fawlty
Fawlty Towers


Basilís wife - always hanging on the phone, taking good care for her nails, annoying Basil and not stoping him from making fool of himself.

Basil Fawlty
Fawlty Towers


Owner of Fawlty Towers, a hotel in Torquay. He isnít one of those happy-go-lucky people - thatís for sure. He isnít happy about anything - visitors annoy him, his wife annoys him, his staff annoys him even garden gnomes.

Frank Drebin
Police Squad!


Detective of the Police Squad.

Oliver Morris


Boyfriend of Jane and owner of science fiction media store.

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