NewsRadio - the ill-fated gem of comedy

NewsRadio - one of the best, but unfortunately overlooked, gems of comedy. With great atmosphere, unique chemistry between actors it was candidate to be a hit, but as they say fate is a cruel mistress.
In 1995 the first, short, season of NewsRadio has made the debut on NBC. The line-up chosen by the network was promising - the new sitcom was placed between Wings and Frasier, two well-established series that gathered large audience...

It takes only 5 characters to make any sitcom

Yes, exactly five characters. You might think there are dozens or hundreds of characters in American sitcoms, but actually there are only five.
In United States there are about 100 sitcoms written every year, not many of them make it to pilot stage, only few actually make it to production stage...

10 major comedy characters that we haven't actually seen

They are the proof that so-called celebrities are wrong in thinking that they have to push their faces into spotlight to be important.
Have you ever noticed that there are so many comedy characters not clearly seen for the viewers, but still they are so important for the show? No? Me neither. Well, okay, I did. Even recently to be honest. So I sat down and tried to remember how many shows had such characters and it turned out quite few. Here are some examples:


Boys will be boys

Learn about the conspiracy theory behind Danny DeVito's character Louie De Palma from Taxi.
Few weeks ago I've seen Danny DeVito's interview on Actors Studio, where he explained why did he took the part of Louie De Palma on sitcom Taxi: "because he was... lowest of the low creatures"e;. Well, it's hard not to agree with the actor - Louie was obnoxious, sexiest, rude, slimy, greedy.....

What is the best comedy series in history?

Find the answer to question that was tormenting philosophers for centuries.
After visiting about 30 lists called Top Comedy Series, Top 100 Sitcoms, Best Sitcom in history I started to ask myself - is there any way to settle this almost philosofical question - what is the best comedy series in history? I mean after a little time spent on each of those lists I always realized that they are faulty in some way...

Is comedy dead?

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis - times change and we change with them as the ancient said.
For about 20 years now this question pops up from time to time on message boards, TV discussions and media articles. The 1990s are being called the golden era of comedy series (or sitcoms) and since then this branch of entertainment seems to be declining. Of course there are huge differences between American and British market (f.e...

British comedy series vs American comedy series

The eternal fight between good and evil... I mean British and American.
If you've seen any American and any British comedy series you must have noticed that there are basic differences between the series format. For example - in Britain season of series usually consists 6 (sometimes up to 8-12) episodes that are 25-30 minutes long...

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