1990s Comedy Series

2 Stupid Dogs tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
2 Stupid Dogs

Two stupid dogs... Well, what more can be said - they are dogs, they are stupid and there are two of them. The scripts doesn’t really make much sense than this description.
2point4 Children tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
2point4 Children

The Porter family, typical suburban family from London, their everyday problems... and not everyday solutions to them.
A Bit of Fry and Laurie tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
A Bit of Fry and Laurie

Sketch-based series built around characters developed by Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.
Ace Ventura movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Ace Ventura

One extraordinary detective and two completely different adventures based on an idea for Ace Ventura being probably the best (not to mention the only) professional pet detective in the world.
Adventures of Lano and Woodley tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Adventures of Lano and Woodley

Pair of rather weird friends, Colin and Frank, constantly get fired from simple jobs and they usually put themselves in awkward situations... But not as awkward as the way they try to find the solution to their problems.
Alas Smith and Jones tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Alas Smith and Jones

Sketch-based series of pair of comedians, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones, that teamed up after Not the Nine O’Clock News and kept working together for next over 20 years.
Alexei Sayle’s Stuff tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Alexei Sayle’s Stuff

Comedian Alexei Sayle as a star of his own show - mixture of sketches and stand up comedy.
All Together Now tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
All Together Now

Aging rocker Bobby Rivers has to take care of his son and daughter after their mother’s death. Unfortunately living whole life the way all rockstars live he has very little understanding of real life problems.
Ask Harriet tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Ask Harriet

Sexist sports journalist Jack Cody has problems finding a job and he is more and more desperate since he has a daughter to think of. He finds a way to keep working, but it would mean to disguise himself as a woman and write the realtionships advice column.
Austin Powers movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Austin Powers

Austin Powers is a unique kind of secret agent - with license to be sexually overactive and to make some lame jokes. His arch enemy is Dr Evil, who keeps plotting to take over the world... or to just get rid of Powers.
’Allo ’Allo! tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
’Allo ’Allo!

During World War 2 French cafe owner Rene Artois reluctantly gets involved into Resistance affairs, which brings him nothing but the trouble. Not to mention his wife could any day find out about his affairs with the waitresses...
Becker tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

John Becker is brilliant doctor, who runs a small practice in Bronx and has just one flaw - he hates people. Not all of them, just those stupid, ignorant, those wasting his time, those taking his parking space, those who do not agree with him... Well, the list is long.
Big Train tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Big Train

Sketch show presenting the every day situations twisted with absurdal humour.
Blackadder tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Historical saga about the Edmund Blackadder and his successor during the history of Britain. Typical Edmund Blackadder is cunning, back-stabbing and conscienceless man, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, especially in politics.
Bonjour la Classe tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Bonjour la Classe

Laurence Didcott, a bit overzealous young French teacher, joins the staff of Mansion School, a private school with long history. His idealistic views on teaching will clash with the school policy.
Bottom tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Edward and Richard are sharing flat in Hammersmith. Both unemployed they find peace and comfort in smashing things into pieces.
Brittas Empire tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Brittas Empire

Gordon Brittas is running communal leisure centre, but lacking the knowledge and people skills he keeps running into troubles. Chris Barrie is playing almost the same kind of character as in Red Dwarf - incompetent, but bossy manager of the leisure centre who is trying to take care of everything. Rest of the staff is trying to live with his difficult character.
Brother’s Keeper tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Brother’s Keeper

Single father Porter Waide is a historian and lecturer in San Francisco. He raises his young son Oscar to be just like him - honest, dependable and a bit boring. This changes when his rich, irresponsible pro-footballer brother moves in.
Caroline in the City tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Caroline in the City

Successful New York cartoonist Caroline Duffy, author of comic strip called Caroline in the City, hires an uptight artists Richard as the colorist. With her midwest approach she just can’t help trying to change his cynical mind.
Carry On movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Carry On

One of the longest ever series of comedy films and parodies made by great set of actors. Each of the films is different story and different set of characters, but the light atmosphere and the dialogues filled with innuendos are the trademarks of Carry On series.
Cheers tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Old bar in Boston called Cheers is runned by former professional baseball player Sam Malone with help of his old coach. His new waitress, Diane, have to get used to the atmosphere of that place - all the regular customers spend their evenings there talking about every unimportant thing in the world.
Chef! tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Gareth Blackstock is renown chef that is running the restaurant Le Chateau Anglais that he believes is the best French restaurant in England, if not in the world. But, what a surprise, he isn’t an easy person to work with.
Chelmsford 123 tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Chelmsford 123

Aulus Paulinus, as a punishment given by the emperor Hadrian, is given the worst job Hadrian could think of - he becomes new governor of Britain. Although he heard about the land being damp and gloomy, the reality of his new job is worse than his worst nightmares.
Cybill tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Cybill Sheridan, once popular actress, with age has been reduced TV commercials or small parts in B-movies just to earn some money. Her rebellious teenage daughter and ex-husbands don’t really make it easy for her.
Dexter’s Laboratory tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter is a boy genius that hides a medium scale secret laboratory within suburban house of his parents. There is nothing he can’t do if he puts his mind to it... Unless his sister Dee Dee won’t break it first.
Dharma & Greg tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Dharma & Greg

Dharma, a daughter of hippie couple that was raised in rather unusual way, and Greg, uptight lawyer and beloved son of upper-class parents. Those two decided to get married after very brief relationship even though they have virtually nothing in common.
Die Wochenshow tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Die Wochenshow

Who would guess that Germans have sense of humour? And who would guess that they have great sense of humour? Group of comedians each week prepared sketches that were parodies of tv programs, but also made fun of politicians and current events.
Dinnerladies tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Women working in factory canteen somewhere in Manchester have plenty of time to talk while they prepare the meals and they have a lot to talk about - each of them have personal problems to deal with.
Don’t Wait Up tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Don’t Wait Up

Two doctors Latimer - father and son - have problems with their spouses, which leads them to share a flat, which causes a lot of tension since they have completely different approach to many things.
Dream On tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Dream On

Martin Tupper works as editor for company that publishes cheap and sleazy books. His ex-wife married a man far beyond the point of being perfect. His secretary is lazy and has no respect for him. Since his life is in a mess Martin dives into the world of dating again and meets dozens of strange women.
Drew Carey Show tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Drew Carey Show

Crew haircut, thick glasses and thick figure - that’s Drew Carey, an assistant director of personnel in a Cleveland department store. Frustrated with his job he can always count on his friends.
Drop the Dead Donkey tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Drop the Dead Donkey

TV news station GlobeLink News is taken over by new owner, who puts Gus Hedges as head of the station to oversee the whole operation. The journalists have of course total freedom... as long as they follow certain guidelines.
Dweebs tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Computer genius Warren Mosbey finally moves his company from his garage to an office building and hires Carey as office manager. A woman in their company is quite a shock, especially since all his employee are socially inept men.
Everybody Loves Raymond tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Everybody Loves Raymond

Series based on stand-up comedy by Ray Romano. He plays a sport journalist, who leaves his wife to deal with their kids and the his invasive mother that lives just across the street.
Family Guy tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Family Guy

Peter Griffin isn’t good father, isn’t good husband, isn’t good friend... which makes him a good character for comedy series. He is surrounded by unusual characters and gets involved in unusual situations.
Fast Show tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Fast Show

Sketch-based series created by group of British comedians lead by Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse.
Father Ted tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Father Ted

Father Ted Crilly takes over the parish on secluded Craggy Island near Ireland. The parish is far from what he had expected - he has a dimwitted young priest Father Dougal and always drunk old Father Jack to help him.
Fiddlers Three tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Fiddlers Three

Ralph works in a small office and feels frustrated about his job, overdemanding boss J.J., dodgy friend Harvey and inapt subordinate Osbourne.
Frasier tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his some town Seattle and he takes job as a radio psychiatrist. But that’s not the only change in his life - he has to take care of his father, former policeman, who shouldn’t live alone.
Friends tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

School time friends begin to live together in two flats in New York City, but their emotions from the past begin to affect their present love and career choices.
Futurama tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series

Pizza delivery boy Philip J. Fry was accidentally frozen in cryogenic pod for 1000 years and in year 3000 he comes back to see the completely different face of the Earth.
Gogs tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series

Long, long time ago, when dinosaurs rules the world a group of our predecessors fought to survive in the unfriendly environment.
Goodnight Sweetheart tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Goodnight Sweetheart

Gary Sparrow, the TV repairman living with his wife in London in the 1990s accidentally finds the portal that would allow him to move in time to 1940s London and back. The war was still on, German bombers was flying over the city, but Gary found the reason to keep visiting the past - barmaid Phoebe.
Grace and Favour tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Grace and Favour

After long years the Grace Brothers department store is finally closed after death of Young Mr Grace, but few of the surviving employees are in for surprise - it turns out their pensions were not secured by the employer, but there is an option for them...
Graczyk Family tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Graczyk Family

They are almost average family. Except that both of parents are not that bright. And they both are kind of addicted to lotteries and sweepstakes of any kind. And that their teenage daughter is more interested in men than school. And their son is smarter than rest of them combined. And their next door neighbour is a middle-aged Casanova...
Hale and Pace tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Hale and Pace

Another of the great British comedy duos - Gareth Hale and Norman Pace - kept their show for 10 years and still they decided to stop, which is remarkable for sketch-based show.
Home Improvement tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Home Improvement

Family life of Tim Taylor, the star of TV home improvement show Tool Time - his three sons really put patience of his wife Jill to the test. But Tim always can count on advice from his mysterious neighbor Wilson.
Hot Shots! movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Hot Shots!

Parody of war movies and adventure flicks (like Top Gun, Rambo 2, Commando) kept in the format close to Airplane! series.
I’m Alan Partridge tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
I’m Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge works in local radio station in Norwich. He aspires to much higher places and more important jobs, but he always gets in trouble because of his big mouth.
Is It Legal? tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Is It Legal?

The misadventures of staff in small law company Lotus, Spackman & Phelps, where every employee is quite a character, but not necessarily in a good sense of that expression.
Johnny Bravo tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo has his own style. Actually it is not his own style, it is rather mixture of Elvis Presley and Casanova, but without the charm or sophistication.
Just Shoot Me! tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Just Shoot Me!

Jack Gallo is an eccentric owner of Blush, magazine about beauty, style and fashion. He has chosen quite strange set of characters to work with him, but one day his estranged daughter visits him to ask for a job.
K & K Deserters movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
K & K Deserters

Story of few soldiers close the end of World War I that runaway from their unit and try to find their way home.
Keeping Up Appearances tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Keeping Up Appearances

Series centered around snobbish Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced "bouquet") and her tormented husband Richard as they do everything Hyacinth thinks is needed to keep the neighbours convinced they are the upper class.
King of Queens tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
King of Queens

Doug is a overweight courier, who does not enjoy his job. His consolation is his beautiful wife... he also can’t enjoy much since her father, that doesn’t get along with Doug, moved in with them.
Kiss Me Kate tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Kiss Me Kate

Kate and Douglas are two psychologists running their practice with strange clients visiting every day. Unfortunately Douglas could use some professional help himself, so it is all up to Kate to keep the business running.
KYTV tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Satire on modern television stations set on commercial success rather than quality of material. New satellite channel KYTV begins the broadcasting and offers different theme each week - from European Union to sex and from World War 2 to religion.
Last of the Summer Wine tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Last of the Summer Wine

Three elderly men from Yorkshire wonder around their town, around the countryside and look for ways to kill some time and feel young again.
Lateline tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Late night news show Lateline uses talents of the best people in the profession to deliver the latest news. But when you take a peek to the other side of the cameras...
Legacy of Reginald Perrin tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Legacy of Reginald Perrin

After unfortunate death of Reginald Perrin his family and friends find out that he left them a lot of money, but to inherit the money they have to do something absurd.
Major League movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Major League

New owner of Cleveland Indians does everything she can to sell the team, but she won’t be able to if they will win the title. So, she does everything she can to make them lose, even if it means hiring the players least likely to suceed in professional baseball.
Married with Children tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Married with Children

Bundy family isn’t an ordinary American family... Or is it? Al works hard in the shoe store, his wife Peg spends all his money, his dim-witted daughter Kelly is just pregnancy waiting to happen and his teenage son Bud is smart, but rather awkward.
Men Behaving Badly tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Men Behaving Badly

Childish and irresponsible Gary Strang and his way of going through the life - with lager in one hand and another lager in the other. His flatmate Tony shares his hobbies and his unortodox views on life, women, dating...
Men Behaving Badly US tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Men Behaving Badly US

Kevin and Jamie are roommates with colourful views on world, sex and dating. American version of British classic.
Mr Bean tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Mr Bean

Nonverbal comedy from Rowan Atkinson as one of the most successful losers in the world - Mr Bean, lives in small suburnan house, he finds it difficult to deal with even most prosaic tasks and always finds unusual ways to deal with them.
Naked Gun movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Naked Gun

Detective Frank Drebin is dedicated to his work and will stop at nothing to prevent the crimes. But when he falls in love with beautifuk Jane Spencer his life suddenly changes. Movies based on characters from TV series Police Squad.
National Lampoon’s Vacation movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
National Lampoon’s Vacation

Clark Griswold and his family just can’t catch a break when it comes to vacation. First their trip to amusement park, later the European vacation and La Vegas trip - they all somehow fail.
Ned and Stacey tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Ned and Stacey

Two New Yorkers find unusual solution to their problems - he needed promotion, she needed to move out from her parents house, so they decided to... get married. Well, sort of...
NewsRadio tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

New York radio station WNYX has everything that is needed to be successful - devoted employees, manager full of ideas and stinking rich owner Jimmy James. Unfortunately employees compete with each other, manager lacks experience and the owner is... eccentric to say the least.
Night Court tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Night Court

One night the court in Manhattan gains a new judge, Harold T. Stone, who turns out to be not an ordinary judge - huge fan of Mel Torme and childish pranks, he prefers to follow his heart than the letter of the law.
Nightingales tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Three night security guards in office building - Carter, Bell and Sarge - have one of the dullest jobs there are, but each night something extraordinary happens to them.
Northern Exposure tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Northern Exposure

A newly graduated doctor is offered a highly paid contract to set up his practice in Cicely. Soon he finds out that it’s Cicely, Alaska. After arrival he learns something else - it is not an ordinary town.
Oh Doctor Beeching! tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Oh Doctor Beeching!

In 1963 Doctor Beeching, as new head of British Railways, decided to close a lot of railroad lines which has affected the lifes of Hatley station staff. When new manager arrives they still are not sure if they have future with the railways.
Olsen Gang movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Olsen Gang

Egon as safecracker, Benny as driver and Kjeld as... Kjeld, time after time they try to be rich by breaking into safes by Franz Jaeger of Berlin or tricking the rich bankers.
Operation Good Guys tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Operation Good Guys

Operation Good Guys is secret branch of police that takes care of... Well, they did not figured out yet what is their purpose.
Pat & Mat tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Pat & Mat

Two self-proclaimed handymen Pat and Mat really know what to do when it comes to DIY, but unfortunately they have no idea how to do it.
Pinky & The Brain tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Pinky & The Brain

Pinky and Brain are genetically enhanced laboratory mice that reside in a cage in the ACME Labs. Every night they try to conquer the world!
Police Academy movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Police Academy

The misadventures of new cadets in Police Academy, those who volunteer to serve, as well as those who are there against their will.
Police Station No 13 tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Police Station No 13

One of first Polish attempts to make American-style sitcom - story of police station full of incompetent officers, weird visitors and surreal situations.
Red Dwarf tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Red Dwarf

The last human being alive, the creture that evolved from his cat, hologram of other crew member and an android - all stuck aboard a ship called Red Dwarf drifting through empty space. And yes, this really is comedy series.
Roseanne tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Roseanne is overweight, lough-mouthed, dominating mother that works in plastic factory and takes care of her husband and kids.
Seinfeld tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Once called a show about nothing which is a good description of Seinfeld. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, his best friend George Costanza, ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes and weird neighbour Kramer - they all stumble upon unusual problems in their lives and unusual ways to deal with them.
South Park tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
South Park

Animated series featuring four 3rd graders and their faaaaaar from quiet, little town called South Park.
Spaced tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Tim and Daisy meet by accident in the cafe while they both are looking for a new place to live. With time they become friends, but when there is a change for a new flat they decide to pretend to be a couple to get it.
Spin City tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Spin City

Mike Flaherty is the Deputy Mayor of New York which isn’t as simple job as it may seem, especially when you have boss like Mayor Randall M. Winston, who commits one blunder after another.
Sports Night tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Sports Night

A look behind camreas of sport news show - the friendships and everyday problems of anchormen and producers.
Stark Raving Mad tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Stark Raving Mad

Uptight Henry becomes new editor for horror books author Ian Stark, who has unique sense of humour and unique lifestyle.
Teddy Bear movie comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
Teddy Bear

Ryszard Ochodzki is a president of a sport club, but he uses his influences and his powerful mind for one purpose only - for his personal gain. When he has a chance to gain some money he puts all his skills into work.
That ’70s Show tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
That ’70s Show

Group of friends share the same neighbourhood, same school and same share of the wild 1970s life. Well, wild for Wisconsin anyway...
The Cosby Show tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
The Cosby Show

The family of obstetrician Heathcliff Huxtable gives him more headaches than any of his patients - teenage daughters and a son, not to mention his bossy wife, who is a lawyer.
The Detectives tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
The Detectives

Adventures (or rather misadventures) of two witless police detectives that have to count on their questionable abilities and pure luck during their investigations.
The New Statesman tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
The New Statesman

Alan B’Stard becomes new Conservative Member of the Parliament and his name is actually a giveaway - he has no morals, no scruples, no conscience, which makes him perfect for the job. At least that’s what he thinks.
The Norm Show tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
The Norm Show

Former professional hockey player is banned for life for gambling and tax evasion. To avoid being sent to jail he is doing a community service as social worker. At least in theory, in practice he does as little as possible.
The Piglet Files tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
The Piglet Files

Peter Chapman, a university teacher, is approached by the MI5 to join their staff as technical specialist. He is reluctant to change his comfortable life, but it the MI5 will not take "no" for an asnwer.
The Simpsons tv comedy series 1990s Comedy Series
The Simpsons

The Simpsons - average family in an average American city of Springfield, living not at all average life.
The Thin Blue Line tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
The Thin Blue Line

The small police station in Gasforth and the policemen that work there every day to keep the thin blue line between good and evil.
The Vicar of Dibley tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
The Vicar of Dibley

The life of citizens of small parish of Dibley are about to be changed when their old vicar dies and the bishop sends the new one - much younger, much fitter, much better looking and... of the opposite sex. The female vicar? They have to get used to the idea...
To The Manor Born tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
To The Manor Born

After death of her husband Audrey fforbes-Hamilton is forced to sell the family manor and move to much smaller house nearby. But what really makes her angry is that the manor was bought by rich owner of supermarket chain.
Will & Grace tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
Will & Grace

Will Truman is a gay lawyer and his best friend Grace Adler (a straight woman) runs her own interior design firm. The series concentrate on their relations.
Wings tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.
You Rang, M’Lord? tv sitcom 1990s Comedy Series
You Rang, M’Lord?

Life in the 1920s wasn’t in any way simplier than ours - take a look at th Lord Meldrum household, his family and his staff. In this house every day is full of surprises.

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