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Welcome to, the guide to different kinds of comedy series - from radio comedy shows, movies series to most popular, tv comedy series, often simply called sitcoms, although not all of the tv comedy series are actually sitcoms. We gather the informations about the top comedy series, as well as the less known one and even those that were complete flops and never reached more than just few episodes.

TV Comedy Series

In the TV comedy series catalogue you'll find most of the productions that we call now comedy series, f.e. sitcoms, sketch-based series, etc. Right now they are the most common of the comedy series since movie comedy series and radio comedy series (with some exceptions) are getting rather rare jewel.

The Office US tv comedy series
The Office US

Remake of British series The Office showing (what a surprise) office life in small branch of paper company, where incompetent manager constantly places himself and his employees in awkward situations.
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads tv sitcom
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads

Further misadventures of the Likely Lads: Bob and Terry. They meet by accident when Terry returns after 5 years spe...
Yes, Dear tv sitcom
Yes, Dear

Two sisters and their husbands live together in one property, which causes tensions since hardworking Greg has good...

Movie Comedy Series

There weren't much movie comedy series (comparing to tv comedy series), but we're displaying them in separate catalogue since they usually attract different kind of viewers than tv comedy series. Of course the line between movie comedy series and just sequels of a movie is rather thin, but we'll try to draw the line between them.

OSS 117 movie comedy series
OSS 117

Agent OSS 117 keeps the peace in the world on his own way - with beatiful girl by his side and complete emptiness inside his head.

Radio Comedy Series

Now the radio comedy series aren't as popular as hey were 50-80 years ago, but many of them were milestones that brought tv comedy series. All the Old Time Radio fans will tell you that. And contrary tho common believe radio comedy series are still being produced.

All Gas and Gaiters radio comedy series
All Gas and Gaiters

Set in fictional St Oggís cathedral shows the life of bishop, his friend the archdeacon and the bishopís chaplain as they try to deal with everyday problems and one man they simply canít stand - the dean. Radio version of a tv show.
Big Business Lark radio comedy series
Big Business Lark

Radio comedy show set in the fictional company Allied British Plastics, where the owner Sir Charles Boniface and hi...
The Story of Dr Kildare radio comedy series
The Story of Dr Kildare

Young, idealistic Dr. Kildare and crusty, but loveable Dr. Gillespie - the perfect mix of characters that make the...

Recently Reviewed Comedy Series

All at No 20 tv sitcom
All at No 20

After death of her husband Sheila Haddon has problems with paying off the mortgage of her house. Just as she almost gave up hope she came up with an idea not to lose the house - she decided to take lodgers.
Bonjour la Classe tv sitcom
Bonjour la Classe

Laurence Didcott, a bit overzealous young French teacher, joins the staff of Mansion School, a private school with ...
Swift and Shift Couriers tv sitcom
Swift and Shift Couriers

Amanda Doyle becomes the new area manager for Swift and Shift Couriers, but while inspecting one of the depots she ...

Featured story

best sitcom NewsRadio

NewsRadio - ill-fated gem of comedy

There were great sitcoms in the history, there were sitcoms that failed completely, but the sadest are the ones that were well written, had great cast, great atmosphere and... still they were overlooked by the audience. This is story of one of those overlooked gems of comedy - 1995 sitcom NewsRadio starring Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Maura Tierney and Phil Hartman. This sitcom had everything that is needed to made it to the top... yet it didn't and still it's hard to point out what exactly went wrong.

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