How can you fill all comedy series with only 5 characters?
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Mind Your Language 1977-1986

Mind Your Language tv sitcom comedy series8.0

English tutor takes up group of imigrants on English for foreigners course.

The Simpsons 1989-2012

The Simpsons tv comedy series comedy series7.6

The Simpsons - average family in an average American city... well, almost average.

Caroline in the City 1995-1998

Caroline in the City tv sitcom comedy series8.4

Series follow ups and downs of New York successful cartoonist Caroline Duffy living in a Manhattan loft since ...

Becker 1998-2003

Becker tv sitcom comedy series9.6

Cynical doctor from Bronx and his small circle of friends. He is good with the stethoscope, but he canít stand...

In the TV comedy series catalogue you'll find most of the productions that we call now comedy series, f.e. sitcoms, sketch-based series, etc. Right now they are the most common of the comedy series since movie comedy series and radio comedy series (with some exceptions) are getting rather rare jewel.

Carry On 1958-1992

Carry On movie comedy series comedy series6.4

One of the longest series of comedy films and parodies made by great set of actors.

Olsen Gang 1968-1998

Olsen Gang movie comedy series comedy series5.6

Egon as burglar, Benny as driver and Kjeld as... Kjeld, time after time try to be rich by breaking into safes ...

Airplane! 1980-1982

Airplane! movie comedy series comedy series10.0

Parodies of popular catastrophic movies of the 1970s.

Naked Gun 1988-1994

Naked Gun movie comedy series comedy series8.8

Movies based on characters from TV series Police Squad.

There weren't much movie comedy series (comparing to tv comedy series), but we're displaying them in separate catalogue since they usually attract different kind of viewers than tv comedy series. Of course the line between movie comedy series and just sequels of a movie is rather thin, but we'll try to draw the line between them.

Men from the Ministry 1962-1980

Men from the Ministry radio comedy series comedy series8.4

Fictional General Assistance Department run by incompetent civil servants that get into trouble everytime they...

Navy Lark 1959-1975

Navy Lark radio comedy series comedy series4.8

Radio show about life of crew onboard British Royal Navy frigate named HMS Troutbridge based in Portsmouth.

Embassy Lark 1966-1968

Embassy Lark radio comedy series comedy series5.2

British embassy in the fictional country of Tratvia with the ambassador Sir Jeremy Crichton-Buller and his fir...

Beyond Our Ken 1958-1964

Beyond Our Ken radio comedy series comedy series6.8

Sketch-based radio show starring Kenneth Horne and (among others) Kenneth Williams.

Now the radio comedy series aren't as popular as hey were 50-80 years ago, but many of them were milestones that brought tv comedy series. All the Old Time Radio fans will tell you that. And contrary tho common believe radio comedy series are still being produced.

Jonah from Tonga 2014

Jonah from Tonga tv comedy series comedy series2.4

Teenager Jonah banished from his native Tonga moves to Australia to start a new life, but from the beginning i...

Angry Boys 2011

Angry Boys tv comedy series comedy series5.6

Mockumentary following the young people from completely different ways of life, but with one thing in common -...

The Job Lot 2013-2014

The Job Lot tv sitcom comedy series6.0

Trish Collingwood is a middle-aged manager of busy job center somewhere in England. She is very enthusiastic a...

The Booze Cruise 2003-2006

The Booze Cruise movie comedy series comedy series6.4

Few neighbours from London are planning a trip to France to buy some alcohol on lower prices. The trip isnít a...

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