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Welcome to, the guide to different kinds of comedy series - from radio comedy shows, movies series to most popular, tv comedy series, often simply called sitcoms, although not all of the tv comedy series are actually sitcoms. We gather the informations about the top comedy series, as well as the less known one and even those that were complete flops and never reached more than just few episodes.

TV Comedy Series

In the TV comedy series catalogue you'll find most of the productions that we call now comedy series, f.e. sitcoms, sketch-based series, etc. Right now they are the most common of the comedy series since movie comedy series and radio comedy series (with some exceptions) are getting rather rare jewel.

The Simpsons tv comedy series
The Simpsons

The Simpsons - average family in an average American city... well, almost average.
Mind Your Language tv sitcom
Mind Your Language

English tutor takes up group of imigrants on English for foreigners course.
The Benny Hill Show tv comedy series
The Benny Hill Show

The show rememebered and loved by millions of viewers around the whole world... and yet not so popular in Britain i...

Movie Comedy Series

There weren't much movie comedy series (comparing to tv comedy series), but we're displaying them in separate catalogue since they usually attract different kind of viewers than tv comedy series. Of course the line between movie comedy series and just sequels of a movie is rather thin, but we'll try to draw the line between them.

Carry On movie comedy series
Carry On

One of the longest series of comedy films and parodies made by great set of actors.
Olsen Gang movie comedy series
Olsen Gang

Egon as burglar, Benny as driver and Kjeld as... Kjeld, time after time try to be rich by breaking into safes by Fr...
Airplane! movie comedy series

Parodies of popular catastrophic movies of the 1970s.

Radio Comedy Series

Now the radio comedy series aren't as popular as hey were 50-80 years ago, but many of them were milestones that brought tv comedy series. All the Old Time Radio fans will tell you that. And contrary tho common believe radio comedy series are still being produced.

Men from the Ministry radio comedy series
Men from the Ministry

Fictional General Assistance Department run by incompetent civil servants that get into trouble everytime they try to do their job. But most of the time they just try to look like they are doing any job.
Navy Lark radio comedy series
Navy Lark

Radio show about life of crew onboard British Royal Navy frigate named HMS Troutbridge based in Portsmouth.
Embassy Lark radio comedy series
Embassy Lark

British embassy in the fictional country of Tratvia with the ambassador Sir Jeremy Crichton-Buller and his first se...

Recently Reviewed Comedy Series

Dads tv sitcom

Eli and Warner are successful computer game industry businessman, happy with their lives and their livestyles. But everything changes when suddenly their fathers have to move in with them.
The Inbetweeners tv sitcom
The Inbetweeners

After divorce of his parents Will moves from private school to public one and meets three new friends - all of them...
The League tv comedy series
The League

Group of friends fascinated with their fantasy football league simply canít help mixing the fantasy sport with thei...

Featured story

best sitcom NewsRadio

NewsRadio - ill-fated gem of comedy

There were great sitcoms in the history, there were sitcoms that failed completely, but the sadest are the ones that were well written, had great cast, great atmosphere and... still they were overlooked by the audience. This is story of one of those overlooked gems of comedy - 1995 sitcom NewsRadio starring Dave Foley, Stephen Root, Maura Tierney and Phil Hartman. This sitcom had everything that is needed to made it to the top... yet it didn't and still it's hard to point out what exactly went wrong.

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